Information Technology introduced a concept of computer applications in business management with the name "Enterprise Resource Planning" (ERP).ERP systems provide integration of all data and processes of an organization into unified system and provide activities reports with the click of a single button. These activities can include, maintaining business accounting records, defining & monitoring business assets, production planning, purchasing requirements of the business. Earliar it was a thought that ERP is the requirement of large organizations but now it is also the need of small and medium organizations to effectively manage the business affairs.

Knowing the importance of ERP for the businesses. House of Professionals is offering complete suite of ERP with the name "Biz-HOP". This product is comprises of four domains of business processes having multiple modules. The details of such domains and modules are as under:

Financial Management

  • General Ledger Module
  • Assets Management Module
  • Payables Module
  • Receivables Module
  • Financial Reporting Module
  • Financial Budgeting Module

Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Sale Module

HR Management

  • Employees Information Module
  • Payroll Module

Operation Management

  • Operation Planning, Execution & Montoring Module (as per the nature of business)


Information Technology has changed the business processes. In this era of globalization business giant are spending millions of dollar per annum on e-commerce and promoting their businesses through Website and Internet. It does not matter whether you are running a multi-billion dollar company or a small real estate office. Now it is the requirement of every business to have online availability, so that the people can get access to it easily. Business professionals are realizing the need for going online, there are number of realtors who are focusing their business online via their website. A good professional website can present your business globally.

At House of Professionals, our team of experts is providing you the services of development and maintenance of website in proactive manner and meeting the international standards.