Types of Membership:

$50 per anum
Leading Professional
$30 per anum
Young Professional
$10 per anum
Student Membership

About Membership

House of Professionals is providing Individual Memberships, to provide linking mechanism for efficient coordination among Professionals, Business Organization, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Government Entities to take steps for the betterment of trade, commerce and industry. Through such memberships, you can avail various benefits.

Benefits of Membership

1. Discounted Professional Trainings:

Professionals Development Centre of the organization is providing professional trainings and certifications in the areas of Engineering – Technology and Commerce – Finance. The member is entitled to avail a discount of 20% on every training and certification.

2. Professional Updates through Email:

In this rapidly growing and changing business world, technical support on continuous basis is essential for every professional in order to meet day-to-day professional challenges. Due to routine workload, normally the professionals are not being able to keep themselves informed about the technical updates, business & economy news, amendments in laws and market conditions that are critical for decision makers. In order to enhance the capabilities of members of House of Professionals, you are entitled to get such information on continuous basis.

These Services initially includes the following but are not limited to:
  • Technical updates
  • Business & Economy News
  • Legal, Taxation & Cooperate Updats
  • Capital Market News

3. Jobs Information and Placement:

House of Professionals Limited has a wide corporate memberships of various companies/ business entities, under which we are providing human resource support to such organizations. Being a member of HOP, you will be entitled to get such information and services.

4. Project Assignments:

House of Professionals Limited is engaged in providing consultancy services to business and industry related to engineering, information technology, commerce & finance. Being a member of the organization, the company can utilize your expertise for relevant assignments on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

5. Research & Development

There is no end to innovation, as it begets from the heart of creativity, but the main requirement is to excel and exploit the research work. Promotion of Research culture for the growth of trade, commerce & industry is one of the key objectives of the House of Professionals. Being a Member of House, Your Expertise can be utilized for relevant assignments on mutually agreed terms and conditions.