Chartered Management Professional (CMP)

CMP is well recognized advanced level certification suitable for those professionals who wants to lead an organization. This is highly recommendable for Professionals like Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, IT experts, Marketers or other Professionals those have expertise in their domain area but for leading an organization they must have the knowledge of all Management functions of the organization.

CMP program enables you to efficiently Lead the organization with the competence in various Management functions.

CMP Certification

The CMP (Chartered Management Professional) certification demonstrated the mastery of management knowledge and skills in a Professional. It assures to employers about the competence of an individual for the Management positions.The CMP program is designed specifically to validate mystery of the advanced skills require to manage and lead an organization, enabling the professional to deliver value in today's complex business and regulatory environment. The CMP is a time-efficient and cost-effective certification program with the potential to deliver significant return on your investment.CMP certification can expand your opportunities in your current position and for the long term.

The Nine knowledge areas of CMP certification are:

I. Operations Management

II. Financial Management

III. HR Management

IV.Procurement Management

V. Marketing Management

VI. Risk Management

VII. Information System

VIII. Business Law

IX. Leadership values & Ethics

Become A CMP

The CMP is the globally recognized, advanced-level certification suitable for those professionals who wants to lead an organization. Achieving the CMP demonstrates your professional expertise in operations, finance, human resource, procurement, marketing, risk management, information systems, business laws with leadership qualities. Enhance your skills that are in demand around the world. This helps you to expand your career growth and help you to prove your professional competence.

CMP Success Stories

How To Get Started

Membership of House Of Professionals
Assessment of Eligibility for CMP Exam on the basis of CV and interview
Exam Registration
Award of CMP Certification