House of Professionals Limited is a body of multi discipline professionals serving the society with the vision of economic growth by promoting professional education, best professional practices and professional ethics. In order to achieve this vision, House of professionals is performing the following functions:

  1. Offering membership to individuals and business organizations to provide linking mechanism for experience sharing, research, professional networking and the airing of opinions on different sectors to promote best practices and professional knowledge
  2. Managing certification of CMP (Chartered Management Professionals) to promote capable human resource for leadership positions
  3. Providing coaching for professional certifications through Professionals Institute of Management and Technology , giving trainings and organizing continuing professional education (CPE) programs of various disciplines to equip human resource for the betterment of trade, commerce and industry
  4. Providing technical support to professionals, industry and house of common/house of lords in devising business laws, policies, procedures,rules and regulations for various sectors of economy
  5. Support to professionals in their career growth
  6. Managing regional network of members and sector specific councils to support professionals and businesses
  7. Providing business support services in the areas of information technology, corporate affairs, taxation, accountancy, financing, audit, human resource, business development, and engineering services.
  • Promotion of technical & professional education along with trainings to equip industry in professional manner
  • Promotion of corporate model for doing business affairs
  • Evaluation & formulation of business laws for Government consideration in order to simplify business reporting procedures
  • Projects identification, feasibilities and evaluation for public and private sectors
  • Realization and technical support for proper town planing and purpose build facilities for manufacturing units, service organization and public infrastructure
  • Promotion of modern technology usage in business operations and it up-gradation on continuous basis
  • Awareness about standardization in operational process flow to ensure quality, safety and environment
  • Promotion and technical support for contemporary management information system
  • Support in Market Access and Business Development of organization